I cleared my cache and proceeded to wait. Pensez à mettre cette bière en raccourci. All of these above named times were from us killing the mob unless otherwise stated. Posted February 10, Hard but doable at that lvl so 18k should be one of those this is easy fights.

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I am assuming he has nothing to do with the dragon rare spawn timers or anything. Looked tempw he was circling around the Engine of the Makers. Là tu panique car quand tu rez tu te prends un timer de 20 secondes. Car n’importe qui, qui croisera son cadavre, saura qu’il a un battement de quelques heures draks de revenir. If you are using the above listed macro to query the server cache, and you have a loot addon, I believe it will pull the query from the addon info instead, giving tmps a false positive result Commentaire de unigolyn Vyragosa would be a « she ». Targeted it first slightly to the north, tagged it slightly to the south, and dragged it back to the cliff there to fight it.

World of Warcraft – Guide pour farmer et tuer le Proto-Drake perdu dans le temps !

Body pulled and killed at 24, Unfortunately I haven’t ran the WoWHead client since 3. Commentaire de Vegopringles It would be great if someone took the time to log on to a 3.

Commentaire de Neytha Proto tué ce matin à 6h43 dans la plaine des congères après seulement 4 nuits de farm. Commentaire de ossir hmm Is this my computer or is there some other problem?


E-mail A propos de votre commentaire: Commentaire de fasal would this mean that he would respawn right after on server restarts on tuesday? En espérant vous avoir aider dans votre quête du Proto-drake perdu dans le temps. Commentaire de Lelouche Time lost protodrake dropped for me Nov.

[Archivé] Spawn du Proto-drake perdu dans le temps – Archives du forum – Firestorm

Commentaire de Darkfire Reply to Brettmeister’s comment on click bot. Il y a 14 heures, Imeche a dit:. When I logged back in at 3: Commentaire de Pounced Finally found Vyragosa after looking for 3 whole months. The above information would be sincerely appreciated by other contributors on this forum, and allow them to update dan research.

Et là il pop sur ma gueule. I’ve personally been killing Dirkee and Vyragosa at six-hour intervals for days, with no Time-Lost spawns.

[Archivé] Spawn du Proto-drake perdu dans le temps

I saw him killed at Engine of Makers around 5: I have a screen shot I can post later, but for now this is what I’m writing Commentaire de Galaxian80 Keylogger Commentaire de Fugglystick ok.

He was killed around. Une fois que Vyragosa est mort notez bien l’heure et surtout la minute ou il est mort c’est très important. Hard but doable at that lvl so 18k should be one of those this is easy fights.

Rênes de proto-drake perdu dans le temps – Monture WoW WotLK – World of Warcraft –

Événement de la guerre des épines La bataille de Lordaeron Compression des statistiques Changements aux classes Mode guerre et niveaux d’honneur Acheter des légendaires au choix Les communautés et discussions audios Refonte aux modèles Personnalisation aux races Voir le guide complet. Perhaps these are the intervals on which she Adddon spawn?


addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de Lougi So, let me get this straight. J’ai commencé à ;erdu farmer il y wddon seulement deux semaines, posté à la croisée du souffle de Bor, Valkyrion et la Passe de Rohemdale. That’s not 6 hours, so they may be independent of one another Commentaire de Scum Here is a quick compilation of the maps I’ve been able to find so far Commentaire de Cthulhuftagn The wowdb page just showed a map of the zone, no marker points or anything to indicate anything other than that you were in storm peaks.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de Azureth I’ve been checking every day since the server reset on Tuesday, and he hasn’t been in the cache on any of the days. Fellow guildy first found TLPD using macro then ke. I can recommend going there as a herbalist, by the time he spawned I had collected a total of: Commentaire de Leupa hey what mods are you using there in the screeny: En attendant, voici le guide vidéo que j’a réalisé en mais qui est toujours viable: Commentaire de Razorfang I found today Vyragosa at